"My teacher told me there were just 2 things keeping me from becoming a great violinist---my left hand and my right hand"

Introducing the VioGlove

A thrilling new addition to the violin/viola/cello world, the VioGlove is the first glove in history designed to improve every aspect of your left-hand technique. All players know that to perform at the highest level, one must master moving up and down the fingerboard with ease and precision. The VioGlove facilitates this --- and so much more!

Why VioGlove?


The VioGlove’s soft microfiber pad promotes smoother, cleaner, and effortless shifting.  Now, your left hand can finally be friction-free!

‘Feel’ stronger

The VioGlove makes your hand ‘feel’ stronger. As a result, it’s easier to play because it takes much less effort. 

Finger Freedom

The VioGlove creates perfect spatial relationships between each finger, giving all your fingers a new found freedom.

Mold and balance

The VioGlove molds and balances your hand so proportionally to the neck of your instrument that your vibrato becomes more focused and your trills become faster.

Redistribute the tension

The VioGlove helps to redistribute the tension in your hand properly, so that your finger articulation and coordination become more precise.

For everyone

The VioGlove trains every student, amateur, and professional, to position the hand in such a fundamentally sound way, that moving up and down the fingerboard with confidence becomes second nature.

Introducing the BowBump

Wrap the BowBump around the 2nd knuckle of your right index finger.
LEAN the stick into the fuller-side edge of the BowBump.
Make optimum contact with the string.

Why BowBump?

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